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What Makes Conexus Capital Management, LLC Different?

We have often been asked what makes our firm unique and how we distinguish ourselves from traditional banks, trust companies, and investment management firms.

As our clients’ have told us, the differences are significant and meaningful. They are described below:
1. Personalization:
We construct your portfolios according to your individual specific investment objectives, risk tolerances, return expectations, liquidity parameters, and tax constraints. We create personalized, unique portfolios in order to satisfy all of your needs.
2. Stable Team:
The founders of Conexus Capital Management, LLC have worked together for nearly thirty years. Our culture and company ownership structure fosters effective communication with our client base.
3. Full Transparency:
We strive to provide full transparency in everything we do on behalf of our clients. This includes any and all costs or fees paid by our clients, as well as, why and with whom we allocate investments to.
4. Robust Infrastructure:
Our process, controls and execution infrastructure are that of a large firm, but we provide the personalized and responsive services of a smaller, singularly focused firm.
5. Independent, Unbiased Advice:
We are a privately-owned, innovative registered investment advisor who partners with you to achieve your financial goals. We operate only in your best interest, in accordance with our fiduciary duty. We do not offer proprietary products to our clients.
6. Performance-Driven, Objective, Strategic and Tactical Investing:
We utilize an objective advisory approach to access the top investment professionals across the globe in all asset classes and strategies. We have a structured investment team which combines thorough due diligence with broad-based economic oversight. When needed, we develop internal strategies for our clients. Our research and portfolio construction has generated superior results for our clients which is positioned for success over multiple investment cycles. At times, we deploy portfolio hedges to mitigate potential losses from perceived and unforeseen events.
7. Comprehensive Wealth Planning and Management:
We provide successful families, individuals and entities with a full range of personalized and comprehensive wealth planning services utilizing our extensive investment and planning expertise. When appropriate, this planning is coordinated with your other professionals including your CPA, attorney and investment banker.
Optimal Client Experience

Optimal Client Experience

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