Our Wealth Management Process

Our Wealth Management Process

Our Wealth Management Process

The following is a brief overview of Conexus Capital Management, LLC’s wealth management process. Your portfolio will be invested within the guidelines set by Conexus Capital’s Investment Committee.

Step 1:

Initially, every client completes a Personal Investment Evaluation which ultimately leads to a quantitative scoring process that helps determine your investment objective and inform the following steps in our wealth management process.

Step 2:

Once your investment objective is determined, Conexus Capital constructs an investment portfolio utilizing a strategic asset allocation model. Each personalized investment portfolio is constructed utilizing a combination of individual stocks, bonds, etfs, mutual funds, closed end funds, real assets and alternative strategies as set forth in your Investment Policy Statement.

Step 3:

Upon construction of your personalized investment portfolio, tactical changes are made based upon economic and market conditions as well as Conexus Capital’s extensive library of buy-side and sell-side investment research.