Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Your values, concerns, priorities and objectives are unique. Your financial plan should reflect that too.  We begin by asking questions to understand you and what you value. Only by uncovering what’s most important to you and your family, can we provide you with a personalized financial planning framework that matches your situation and goals.
After your personalized financial plan is implemented, we monitor its performance, remaining in close contact with you and amending your plan as life circumstances and world events dictate. We believe your personalized financial plan is your roadmap to your desired financial destination.

Our First Meeting

We learn about your values and priorities.
Explain our philosophies and services.
And, determine if we are aligned.

We also obtain your full financial picture.
Identify your goals, risk tolerance and timelines.
Assess your obstacles, opportunities and strengths.

In addition, we evaluate your current situation relative to your goals.
Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
Risk Tolerance scoring.

At Our Next Meeting

We discuss goal achievement strategies.

Examine comprehensive recommendations (retirement, investments, risk management, estate, taxes and philanthropy).

Address questions or concerns.

Develop implementation timeline.

Monitoring Your Plan

Compare goals to results.

Discuss changes to financial situation.

Rebalance and adjust plan as necessary.

Coordinate with other advisors.